Monday, April 20, 2009

Make bixeenews your new friend on gtalk

It's IPL; and I sincerely hope all you cricket fans are on gtalk (google's chat application); for now, there is a novel way to be in sync with cricket happening around the world. Vikalp, a friend, has built a chatbot that pushes instantaneous updates to you. :-)

Once subscribed to a match, the ball-by-ball commentary is pushed across during the complete duration of the match. If you think this is too much, then no problem; for you can also choose to get only the scores pushed to you. The bot can also push stock information on request.

The advantage of extending your friendship with the bot is that, it will keep pushing information to you; much unlike a website, where the onus is upon you to keep refreshing the page.

The process of adding the bot is simple. All you have to do is add as a contact in gtalk.

Once added, type help to get a list of commands you can use. Go ahead and enjoy! :o)

The bot loves feedback, and will depend on you to help it serve you better. You can send feedback through the bot itself, or mail to vikalpsahni_at_gmail_dot_com. I am sure he would be happy to respond, as much as the bot! :o)

And oh yes! Do root for Bangalore Royal Challengers! And for Rahul! :o)

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kotra said...

i tried it just now.. i fine it is great but needs slight changes.. else its very much helpful to follow cricket..