Friday, February 20, 2009

google maps recommends you to kayak

Abhishek pointed me to an interesting link. It was for driving directions on google maps from Seattle to Honalulu; right across the Pacific ocean. The amount of data they have; and the ways they find to crunch it. These guys never cease to amaze me.

Other than that, what I really liked is this (click on the image for a bigger picture) -

Apart turning left on this road and turning right on that; google recommends you to kayak 4000 odd kms across the Pacific. Given that it estimates about 14 days and 6 hours for you to reach your destination; I would like to believe the 14 days are for kayaking itself, even for a guy in supreme fitness like me.

If the image appears blurred, then you can catch the action here. Maybe you could brave yourself to walk. You can't escape the kayaking though even then. :o)

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