Friday, February 27, 2009

review : mozilla add-on : FireShot

Once in a while (like 5 times in a day) I find the necessity to take a screenshot of the webpage, edit it for annotation, and then send it across. My normal procedure was PrtScr + open MSPaint + paste the screengrab + edit according to requirements. Yeah! I know.. Ugly!!

And then I chanced upon FireShot; a firefox add-on. Yes again! Firefox is my browser of choice.

FireShot is one hell of an awesome application. I can instantly save (or) edit the current page. Annotate it as I wish; save it in different formats; or even copy it to the clipboard and paste it to Word or PowerPoint.

The following grab details what all functions it allows -

It even has a Pro version; albeit a paid one, and more suited for content creators. For me, the free version works just fine. I highly recommend FireShot. It greatly enhances one's productivity.

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